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Application - General Information

Applications are welcome from Germany, other EU and further European countries, EU-associates and overseas. Prospective students must hold a first degree that enables them to study at a German university in a Master's program. As prospective students you should demonstrate your environmental interest and/or experience in your application. Therefore, you will need at least 12 Credits points in environmental related topics on your certificate of the first degree. During your application you will be asked to upload your transcript of records, the modul handbook of the qualifying study program. You may add additional comments where the application commity will find the credit points that indicate the environmental relevance. That might be indicated e.g. in the names of classes or modules, in the description of these in the module handbook or in the title of your bachelor thesis.


Important information for prospective students from abroad

If you want to study at a German higher education institution you will have to meet certain requirements. The most important prerequisites for applying are explained here.

We strongly advise international prospective students to read this webpage carefully.

Especially the differences between an "University" and an "University of Applied Science" might be of interest for international prospective students. The differences is very unique to the German educational system. In case you are interested to apply at an University of Applied Sciences, please check this link.


Important information for prospective students from India

Even though the following webpage is mainly addressing Indian prospective students, the page is offering a number of information for the application process at a German university.

Further, we strongly recommend Indian prospective students to read the section: "Am I eligible to apply for a masters degree course?" carefully. Please click here to be transfered to the website.


Important information for prospective students from China, India, and Vietnam

Prospective students from China, India, and Vietnam require an APS certificate to apply. Please click through the page of the International Office to find out more.



Submitting your Application

All applications must go through the Univeristy of Cologne KLIPS 2.0 system. Applicants with an international degree must also apply to obtain a VPD (Vorprüfungsdokument) from Uni-Assist. For that, please go to the Uni Assist Applicant Portal. On that website you will find all advice needed to complete your application properly. If at some point questions occur, do not hesitate to search for advice within the Uni-Assist FAQ online application catalog. Especially international prospective students are advised to apply as early as possible because of the two step process. Uni-Assist needs some time to process all incoming documents. We reccommend to apply to Uni-Assist around six to eight weeks before the application deadline on Klips 2.0 passes to ensure that you are able to submitt a complete application by the deadline. 

Please contact Uni-Assist directly if you have any questions regarding the VPD application process or have technical issues in this matter. This is either possible via the contact formular or the FAQ which you can find here or mondays to fridays from 09:00 am - 03:00 pm via phone: +49 30 666 44 345.



For the application procedure, requirements, deadlines, and more please look further through our hompage.