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IMES Alumni

Meet our IMES Alumni and take a look on what they have to say about their time with IMES!

''It is the only Environmental Programme that brings together students from almost every continent. This has been very helpful in shaping my idea of how in reality, having a global consensus to tackle a global challenge looks like.''

Minka Aduse-Poku, Cohort 2014

''IMES's multidisciplinary approach helped me to pursue and discover new opportunities, not just in the field of environmental sciences but I was able to diversify and eventually find my niche in the biomedical industry. I am glad instead of choosing a very specific masters program, I chose IMES as it helped me build my educational base but did not limit me to one particular field.''

Ramisha Ashraf, Cohort 2017

''IMES is a program which brings together the nexus between the natural and social sciences for the environment. Its broad approach allowed me to explore different disciplines and potential careers to further my education and interests.''

Sara Becerra, Cohort 2012

''I am Emmanuel Broni from Ghana and part of the IMES 2008 year group. I find the IMES programme very educative (both theory and practical), thought provoking and challenging for anyone seeking to undertake a course or career in Environmental Sciences. The international exposure is awesome and the learning environment is excellent. Go for it and experience the transformation!!!''

Emmanuel Kujo Gyimah Broni, Cohort 2008

''IMES offered me the chance to view environmental challenges from many different perspectives, many of which I had never considered before. The diversity of course offerings combined with the diversity of fellow students from all over the world made for an excellent learning experience.''

Dr. Stephen Richard Leitheiser, Cohort 2015

''The variety of topics is fascinating. If you have a passion, it can be cultivated here.''

Anna Maurer (nee Trutneva), Cohort 2017

''Looking at the greatest challenges of our time, now more than ever, it has been proven that only an interdisciplinary approach to solving these problems can provide sustainable results. The interdisciplinary structure of the IMES program encapsulates the skills and expertise experts need to have to address environmental problems.''

Jane Maureen Ngonjock Ebako, Cohort 2012

''IMES provides you wholistic knowledge and skillset which is a perfect steppingstone for you to start a career in climate change development and sustainability reporting sector.''

Amna Shafqat, Cohort 2011