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Job Opportunities

Links to Jobs and PhD Positions:

With the IMES degree a wide field of job opportunities open up for you! Below you will find a list of institutions etc. that are interested in graduates of the IMES program. 
This list is regularly updated.
If you are an institution, please feel free to send us your request, ideally with a short description, to be put on the list below through our contact form

1. UN Jobs



Mostly Europe based positions; jobs and PhD positions


Mostly US based job positions including voluntary and internship positions. Some job postings also for Latin America.

5. GIZ Jobs


6. Jobs.Ac

7. Entwicklungspolitik Online>



NachhaltigeJobs ist einer der größten deutschen Stellenbörsen speziell für die „grüne Branche“ (u.a. CSR, Umwelt, Naturschutz, Erneuerbare Energien) und verknüpft verantwortungsvolle Arbeitgeber mit engagierten Jobsuchenden, die die Welt ein Stück weit positiv gestalten wollen.</p>


10. Bundesamt für Naturschutz


://">Here you will find current job postings.

The page for International Cooperation is also interesting for IMES students and alumni.